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Alarm, The Lyrics

Absolute RealityAbsolute Reality.
Across The Border (live Kbfh)Black Sun
Blaze Of GloryBlaze Of Glory (live Kbfh)
Blaze Of Glory.Breaking Point
Change IChange Ii
Corridors Of PowerDawn Chorus
Deceiver (live Kbfh)Declaration
DeesideDevolution Working Man Blues
Devolution Working Man Blues(session)Eye Of The Hurricane
Father To SonFor Freedom (live Kbfh)
God Save SomebodyHallowed Ground
Happy Christmas (war Is Over)Happy Xmas (war Is Over)
HardlandHell Or Highwater
How The Mighty FallHowling Wind
Knife EdgeLead Me Through The Darkness
Let The River Run Its CourseLove Don't Come Easy
Marching OnMarching On (in Album Declaration)
Marching On (live Kbfh)Marching On .
Moments In TimeNew South Wales
Newtown JerichoNo Frontiers
One Step Closer To HomeOnly Love Can Set Me Free
Only The ThunderPermanence In Change
Prison Without Prison BarsRain In The Summertime
Rain In The Summertime.Raw
Reason 41 (live Kbfh)Rescue Me
Rescue Me.Rivers To Cross
RoadRockin' In The Freeworld
Save Your CryingScarlet
Sharpup For Murder (2990) ( Previously Unavailabel On Album)Shelter
Shout To The DevilSixty Eight Guns
Sixty Eight Guns (live Kbfh)Sixty Eight Guns.
Sold Me Down The RiverSold Me Down The River.
Spirit Of 76Spirit Of 76.
Tell MeTell Me (live Kbfh)
The Day The Ravens Left The TowerThe Deceiver
The RoadThe Rock
The StandThe Stand (live Kbfh)
The Stand (prophecy)The Wind Blows Away My Words
Third LightThird Light (live Kbfh)
Unsafe BuildingUnsafe Building (1990)
Unsafe Building (live Kbfh)Up For Murder (live Kbfh)
Walk Forever By My SideWalk Forever By My Side.
We Are The LightWe Are The Light.
Where A Town Once StoodWhere Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke ?
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?Wonderful World
Wonderful World.
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Song Alarm, The Lyrics.
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